Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Chip In for Sarah - karoger.etsy.com

I'm posting this Chip-In to help Sarah (karoger.etsy.com) and her family with recent expenses for her and her family to travel to Tampa, Fl for a Heart Evaluation that she is undergoing now. She went into the hospital December 4th in Jacksonville, Fl and was transferred to Tampa on December 18th. I had already planned a trip here and came early to help support her during this time. All the chip-in money will go directly to her pay pal account and will help w/ hotel and travel costs for her family. (I am not looking to reimburse myself for my costs, only give help to her family)

To be with their daughter, Sarah's mother has taken a leave of absence from her job and her father is here working on his laptop. Anything will help even if it is small. Its hard to say how long she will be in the hospital but that all depends on how the evaluation goes these next few days. Thanks I will update with more information soon.

I will be posting on twitter and if you can please repost.



NotSoShabbyChic said...

Oh geez Sarah... I hope they find out what's wrong with you and fix you up soon... you're in my prayers. xoxoxoxo

mooshoopork said...

yes i will say my prayers for you too .. hope it all goes well